Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh, What A Month !!!

I have one of those months that artists dream of. It started with a request to do paintings of Adrian Grenier 0f "Entourage" and Vincent D'Onofrio from "Law and Order" I didthe film festival that they attended, got to meet them (both really nice guys) and got autographed copies of my pieces. The highlight of my night was meeting Bill Plympton, one of the greatest cartoonists/animators/caricature artists and one of my heroes . He was AMAZING !!
Fast forward 1 week, I am contacted by a group called Malaria No More. They want me to do 25 paintings that will be given to various celebrities as thank-you gifts. The list includes John Mayer, Orlando Bloom, Ed Helms, Jeff Probst, Josh Groban, Elizabeth Banks and on and on.
Well I got the first 17 done in 5 days, 5 loooooooonnnnnggggg days. I have 8 more to go but I'm getting closer to the finish line. They had their dinner leat night in Hollywood and they presented some of the stars their pics and I now have the photos to prove it.
Like I said, what a month. I wonder if this is what Jason Seiler's life is like every month ??
Below are some of the pics including Adrian's and Vincents.
To check out the event photos go to :

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havers said...

Amazing work, I really like the one with Vincent. I can't wait to watch Don't go in the Woods.